Thursday, 5 July 2007


Sorry for those sincere people out there!
For those chicken, low-life people that haven't served a day in support of your country and freedoms.. I want to say F You, but let me polite, Foxtrot Uniform.

If you are going to e-mail a comment to me, use your entestinal fortitude to send me your information so we can have an adult conversation. Those that want to e-mail me without there information.. you are a low life that should re-exam why you live a miserable life and realize accountability is a good thing.

I'm serving in Iraq, I'm getting shot at, I'm getting mortared and rocketed.. what about you you little chicken shiat. I'm serving my country, what are you serving??????

Obviously I've received a few too many "Anonymous" responses. If you anonymous people are brave enough find me, come to my house... I and my wife have a pleasant (for us) surprise for you... just try it you chicken, faggot mother fuckers.. I'll treat you like the insurgents... with a 5o cal up your hindside. Come see me, find me, it isn't hard, what is hard is you finding the balls to take and stand and do something beyond being scared you little pussy!

Does this upset you, me calling you names? I'm not trying to lower myself to your illiterate level, though I must admit you have pissed me off... I'm just trying to anger you enough that you'll jump like afrog and I or my wife can net you up and relieve the planet of a brain dead idiot.

If you want my address in the states... just ask, I'll let you know... SERIOUS.
And I'll let you know that me wife and I are both qualified "expert" in all our weapons systems... come see me, serious, COME SEE ME you chicken shit mother fucker... I'll give you a "blog" so far up your four points of contact you'll tasting my OIF boot laces for months...Oh that's right, that would require strength, character, and the ability to be brave... which you OBVIOSLY do not have.

As your hero once said, "bing it on," "W". So bring it on you scared civilian hiding behind anonimity, bring it own! At least I am serving you low life... the brave part of you ran down your mothers leg after my dad was done with her... faggot!

A REAL American Soldier- Dave Younce

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